fundraiser for annual health & resource fair


Good health is not just the absence of disease; it is a state of physical, social, mental, and emotional well-being. As an organization, VeryHuman strives to work with individuals to achieve their optimal health. We provide compassionate, member-focused care with: individual life-coaching services, weekly community education classes, and benefits counseling (e.g., enrolling in insurance plans).

The Health & Resource Fair is an annual event hosted by VeryHuman; the purpose is to provide free health screenings and distribute relevant health information to under-served populations in Los Angeles County. Our aim is to empower the at-risk population of  Los Angeles to lead healthier lives by giving them access to care.

At our Third Annual Health and Resource Fair this past July 2018, we were able to provide our attendees with personalized care and resources. Next year, we would like to continue our efforts in the community. 



Estimated Cost: ~$1,350

Hourly rate: $125 (min. 4 hrs) = $500
Cleaning:  $100
Door Security: $35-$55 hour (4 hours)=  $220
Hors D'oeuvres: $500

Our goal this year is to make the health fair more intimate, and really provide our attendees with personalized care. Hosting our event inside will allow for a safer environment where members can feel secure while disclosing personal health information. The following are venue options:

Space #1 "Bright, Spacious, Downtown Los Angeles Creative Studio and Event Space"

Space #2 "MTSPACE (Large Multi Purpose Warehouse and Blank Canvas)"

Space #3 "Large DTLA Industrial Loft"


Estimated Cost: ~ $2,000

150-200 Kits [$10 per kit]

The Health Fair Hygiene Kits will include hygiene materials and information to help attendees jump-start their journey to a healthier lifestyle. The kits may include health essentials such as: dental floss, toothbrush/toothpaste, healthy snacks, etc.


Estimated Cost: ~ $ 500

Providing our attendees with healthy food can help them make healthier food choices after the health fair. For example, we can set up a booth to show our members how to make snacks that offer better nutritional value. Teaching our members, the importance of good nutrition can help develop good habits early on that they can hopefully maintain throughout their lives. 

*subject to change

Activity details

✫  TBD [Los Angeles Area]
⌚ 4 hours                                                                                🍴Food + Drinks provided
☺ Offered in English (Spanish translators on-site)
👤 100 - 200 attendees

We believe the success of a health fair emanates from a solid foundation of relationship building, community-driven workshops, and other pre-health-fair activities that clear the path for implementation. The help we receive from partners and vendors is a huge factor in a health fairs success. Therefore, we kindly ask for your generosity in donating to our health fair event. Any amount will be a huge help in making this event successful. Thank you in advance!