Every day, the number of individuals living in at-risk communities is increasing. Faced with Federal funding cuts and California’s rising cost of living, many individuals find themselves financially constrained where basic needs (e.g., food/water, hygiene, shelter) are barely being met.

Founded in 2015, VeryHuman aims to eliminate such obstacles by partnering with private agencies and government programs to help people secure permanent or transitional housing; to increase medical screenings for diagnoses and timely treatment; and to provide resource assistance (e.g., employment, legal, utility) through our member advocacy programs.

Although our organization is only three years young, we have enrolled and helped over 800 people in the Greater Los Angeles and Orange County regions to access services. Most astoundingly, we helped place over 240 at-risk and homeless individuals into housing!


  • Benefits Counseling / Healthcare Advocacy: a free service offered to help our members and families access federal, state and privately funded resource assistance programs (e.g., health insurance, housing, food stamps). Our Benefits and Healthcare Advocacy team is bilingual in English and Spanish. 


We exist to increase the HEALTH, WELL-BEING, and LIVELIHOOD of the people living with HIV/AIDS.

Our programs help support community members living with HIV/AIDS - specifically: low-income individuals and families, the homeless, undocumented immigrants, and at-risk people. 

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We understand that everyone has faced challenges and setbacks - we are all 'VeryHuman'. Rather than judging, ignoring or fearing one another - we promote an attitude of compassion and authentic connection.

Through our efforts, we envision a world where all members of society uplift and elevate one another to be the best versions of themselves. Together, we can connect and change the world. 


VeryHuman's core values are: ADVOCACY, COMMUNITY and EMPOWERMENT (ACE).


VeryHuman is an advocate for the under-served community.

From enrolling members into qualifying Benefits programs (e.g., health insurance), to scheduling appointments for timely HIV diagnosis and treatment, VeryHuman helps our members each step along the way.  


An HIV diagnosis can turn an individual's life upside down. Often times, a person can retreat into isolation due to misconceptions and stigma around HIV.

However, connection is a 'VeryHuman' need.  Thus VeryHuman heavily emphasizes a culture of collaboration and support. We currently offer 6 diverse community groups. 


We offer education groups/classes and one-on-one life-coaching to help our members manage the lifestyle changes that accompany an HIV diagnosis.

Our group facilitators each have their own unique stories, in which they personally faced healthcare related challenges. By overcoming difficulties and learning how to adapt to what life offers them, they are now in positions to help lead others on their path to individual healing and empowerment.  

Our wish is to continue to grow our organization in which one generation leads the next generation to lead healthy, fruitful, empowered lives. 

Office Hours

benefits counseling

Monday - Friday
10:00am to 5:00pm
*Closed for lunch from 1:00-2:00pm

*For more info, please call (323) 510-VERY (8379) or email Benefits@veryhuman.org

Financial Info

VeryHuman is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.

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